May 28, 2018

Universal Life Insurance

What is Universal Life Insurance?

Death and taxes are inevitable, but universal life insurance helps you deal with both. With a universal life insurance plan, you get the coverage of life insurance along with a tax-deferred savings that grow over time.

Why is Universal Life Insurance so important?

Life is very unpredictable. You don’t know exactly when your life will end – it could be in your 20’s or you could live to be 120. The only way to guarantee your family’s financial security is to be prepared, no matter what happens.

How it works:

If you pass away, your family will receive a death benefit to help cover funeral, burial and other expenses. You also have the savings to fall back on during retirement or hard times.

Additionally if you become ill or disabled, you never have to worry about your insurability (being able to purchase more insurance) and you can use your benefit early if you need (living benefits). With universal life insurance, you and your family are protected no matter what happens.

With universal life insurance, you can ensure that your family will be able to pay the bills when you’re gone. And you’ll have some savings that you can use when you need them. Universal life insurance plans are designed to protect your loved ones, allowing life to go on without the risk of financial loss and debt.

Universal Life Insurance Services

  • Provides for a family’s loss of income, mortgage costs, and education expenses
  • Access to cash value for life’s opportunities
  • The growth in cash value is tax-deferred under current federal income tax law
  • Death benefit will provide a tax-free income to your beneficiaries
  • You get to decide the amount of life insurance and premium payments (subject to policy minimums)
  • Use the funds if you become critically, terminally ill, or are confined to a nursing home (living benefits)
  • Ensure your children under the same plan
  • Have your premiums (payments) waived if you become disabled

The first step is to shop around for the best price. The easiest way to do that, is to use a life insurance  agency like us we have over 50 years of experience in the life insurance market. giving us the ability to instantly compare 73 different companies and find the best coverage for you and your family. Our application process takes under 10 minutes of your time making it both Simple and fast to protect your family

You can start your free universal life insurance quote by calling us at (786) 307-6155. Our team of highly skilled universal life insurance specialists will work with you to develop a plan that fits your budget and coverage needs.

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