May 31, 2018

Lifetime Income Annuity

Lifetime Income Annuity?

Many retirement options involve a limited, depleting lump sum to live off of for the rest of your life. As people live longer and government retirement benefits become less reliable, the chance of you outliving your nest egg is more likely every day.

An income annuity can guarantee you a regular, monthly income for the rest of your life, so you can’t outlive your financial resources.

Why is a Lifetime Income Annuity so important?

Retirement is a time to reward yourself for a lifetime of work. How do you want to spend it? Do you want to count the years and budget your savings sparingly? Worse still, do you want to live well and run the risk of exhausting your savings early?

Of course not. You want to enjoy your retirement, not spend it worrying about the finances. An income annuity let’s you do just that. With a guaranteed paycheck every month for the rest of your life, you can make your golden years truly golden.

If you’re planning for retirement or interested in exchanging your current retirement savings for an annuity. obtain a free lifetime income annuity quote. Just fill out the form on this page or call us +1 (786) 307-6155. Our team of highly skilled annuity specialists will work with you to develop a plan that allows you to have the retirement of your dreams.

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