Use Life Insurance to Pay For Funeral Expenses

What is Funeral & Burial Insurance?

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your family if you passed away? Most people don’t consider the amount of debt they will leave behind for their families when they pass away. Typically, people think about the emotional grief their families will experience, not the financial grief.

It’s important to take time to consider what your family would do without your financial support. When you pass away, your family will be lacking your income contribution, and because of that may be unable to take care of regular expenses and monthly bills.

Another thing to consider when planning your family’s financial future is the cost of your funeral and burial. Many people do not realize that a funeral and burial combined can cost tens of thousands of dollars, a huge expense for many Americans.

When death is unexpected and finances are unplanned for, funeral and burial expenses can be overwhelming and impossible to pay for. Families are left financially distressed after the death of a loved one every day. Funeral and burial expenses leave families in debt, and other accompanying final expenses burden families even further. It can take years for a family to recover financially, if at all.

Other final expenses that families take on, in addition to funeral and burial expenses, are things like medical bills, legal fees, other debts and mortgage payments.

With appropriate planning, you can protect your family from the financial stress caused by your final expenses. With funeral and burial insurance, you can ensure that your family will not suffer financially from your burial costs and outstanding debt.

Funeral and burial insurance provides coverage for your family when they need it most. You will be able to have peace of mind, knowing your family will not be held responsible for your financial debts or funeral or burial expenses. Removing the financial stress from the funeral and burial process through final expense insurance will allow your family the time they need to grieve your passing, without the worry of money and debt.

Take time to plan for your family’s financial future today so that they can have a brighter financial future. For more information about final expense insurance, fill out the form or call us (786) 307-6155 to speak with a qualified specialist and get your free quote!

Funeral & Burial Insurance Services

Making financial plans for your family for after you’re gone is an important part of protecting your family from things like debt, losing their home and keeping food on the table. People die each day, sometimes suddenly, and families are left without the monetary resources to cover funeral and burial expenses, much less mortgage payments, medical expenses and outstanding debts.

With funeral and burial insurance, your final expenses will be covered and your family will not have to worry about getting the money together or going into debt to have a proper funeral and burial for you.

Some of the significant benefits that come with funeral and burial insurance include:

  • Final expense coverage for up to $50,000
  • Most of our carriers offer coverage without requiring a medical exam
  • Optional whole life coverage for your children and grandchildren
  • Get benefits early if you are diagnosed with a critical or terminal illness
  • Get level premiums will never increase
  • Affordable coverage available even for smokers and those with health issues

To learn more about funeral and burial insurance and how to plan for your final expenses, fill out the form on this page or call (786) 307-6155 today to speak with a qualified specialist and get your free quote!

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