July 5, 2018


What we do?

We love helping families, and have 47 years of experience helping people get protected with life insurance; we believe it should be fast and easy to get the protection you and your family deserve.

Thats the reason we set up a team of top quality licensed professionals, and partnered with 72 of the best insurance companies, to bring you the best prices and service. We focus on your experience and making sure everything is simple to understand. Our job is to help you find a product that fits your needs and budget.

We offer:

Term Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection Insurance, Burial / Funeral Insurance, Final Expense Insurance, Annuity, and Tax-Free-Retirement Solutions. Via our trusted partners we help you price match and find a policy that fits your needs.

get life insurance term and whole life insurance

Why we are here?

We are some of the best insurance agents in the nation, dedicated to helping our valued clients.

We founded our team because there wasn’t really an option to get Life insurance without the hassle and inconveniences. People typically spend an average of 10hrs shopping for life insurance. They meet with 2-4 traditional agents, each taking 1hr of their precious time. This agents don’t have our state of the art technology.

Our technology, allows our agents to compare 100s of prices in a matter of seconds. Helping you find the most affordable coverage.

Traditional agent VS Our next generation agents

Traditional agents are almost always captive agents, meaning they can only offer one single insurance company. And that insurance company typically offers 3-4 options, leaving the agents in disadvantage because now they have to fit 100’s of different families into 3-4 boxes. This 95% of the time ends in overpriced inappropriate policies.

Our agents instantly compare 72 different companies giving  you 71 times more chances of finding better deal. We give you the company with the best priced based on your age and health condition. Thanks to the technology we do that in a matter of seconds making it easy and convenient for you and your family.

Insurance prices vary enormously from one company to an other. While one company might be the lowest price for a 34 year old woman it will likely be among the most expensive for a 48 year old woman.

Example a family of four, wife (43 years old), husband (41 years old), and two kids (12-19).

For the wife is better to go with Protective Life Insurance, it has more competitive rates for her age. While the husband is better off with Banner he happens to be a smoker and Banner (has better smoker rates).

for the kids Gerber Life for the 12 year old and Mutual of Omaha for the 19 year old.

Our traditional agent only representing one company, would have probably a competitive rate for the wife, but an outrageously expensive rate for husband and inadequate coverage for the kids.

This is because every company has a sweet spot, their product fits a certain demographic and is priced aggressively towards that group of people.

We are able to work around that as a broker we work for you, not the insurance company so we shop around to find the best deal for each of your beloved family members. Resulting in hundreds of dollars a year in savings.

We believe Insurance is like a car, a construction worker needs a pickup truck while a uber driver needs a mall sedan. Both cars are great cars but made for different uses, the same applies to life insurance you need the one that fits your needs.

We have 73 brands! our range of products exceeds 800 options. this not only helps you get a great price it also helps us cover people with different health records. Many of our clients suffer caner, heart problems, diabetes, strokes, and many other health conditions..

In addition to helping people with health conditions get insured, we also offer the most aggressively priced coverage for smokers, marijuana users, and clients battling with weight.

We are able to deliver the best option for you no matter what your situation is we don’t discriminate clients based on criminal or driving records we are happy to help out everyone because we all deserve to protect our families regardless of past mistakes.


Why we started a life insurance agency

I came to Miami and couldn’t get Life insurance for my family. I met 3 agents they all made it hard and complicated, talked about stuff I didn’t understand at that time.

So I saw the opportunity make it easy for people to get insured. I had a friend that worked for 60 years as an insurance agent. He was board of retirement, so we went out there and found the best insurance companies, for each group of people. We spent weeks price matching and tailoring programs for each age group we studied 100’s of companies. And contracted with the most affordable & trustworthy ones. We focused on improving and polishing every step of the process to make getting insured simple.

We also wanted to make it easy for Spanish speakers so our staff is proudly bilingual because we want to be able to communicate with you perfectly and understand exactly what you need. Another thing we noticed, and a lot of our clients pointed out is that; usually, insurance places make you drive across town in 5 pm traffic. And then when you arrive at an office half an hour later, they make you wait another half an hour until the insurance agent is available to see you. Then the worst part is all that might be just to hear you cant get approved because of a medical condition or weight… Our take at the situation is we come to your house, office, work, or preferred location at a time that works for you anywhere between 7 am and 10:30 pm any day of the week Monday to Sunday. The appointment is on your terms 100% flexible, and in 10-25min everything is taken care of fast and simple for you and your loved ones.

Our mission is to make it SIMPLE & FAST to get Life Insurance. We have the best programs to approve everyone 0-85 years old with good or not so good health; We’ll find the best companies that will accept you and protect your family.We make getting life insurance so easy, and our staff is so friendly that you won’t want any other agency. Call us today (786)307-6155 for a free consultation.